The Author

me3T.L. Nicholas lives in upstate NY. She wrote her first story when she was about five and her first book at thirteen. Luckily, it was lost. She loves to read and write, and hopes you’ll join her on this journey.

If you do, please leave a comment or check out the contacts page and drop her a line.

4 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Hi, T.L. Nicholas! It’s the Dimwit. Hey, nice name. Mysterious. Makes me wanna know what’s going on with the T and the L. Why are they hiding behind that period? Did the thieving cat steal their full names? Well, anyway, guess I better stick around to find out. Cheers to you and your writing ways. I look forward to reading when I get a bit more time. Glad to have found you….Cheers.

    • Hey there! Glad you like the name, that really boosts my confidence, but if I were to just tell you all of my mysteriousness would be gone. I can’t do that. Instead, I’ll give you some possibilities.
      1. They were stolen by Thief Cat – he attacks ferocious spiders so names are nothing for him. They went out with blood curdling screams as he sucked them up like spaghetti.
      2. They’re hiding from S&M. Those are some scary letters when you come right down to it and they’re afraid to be associated with them. Who could blame them?
      3. Maybe they stand for Tell you Later? It’s possible, though I don’t want you to get your hopes up too much.
      4. Maybe they’re not hiding. Maybe those periods are holding them back so they don’t tear shit up like Motley Crue on a drug binge in the 80’s.
      5. They lost their friends in a tragic eraser incident, and the periods hold their hands to get them through the day.

      Off to read about Photo Shopping wolves in tents….

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